Web Design
I have worked on several Web sites and pages, using HTML markup and CSS styles for simple and elegant design that I hope makes content clear and inviting. My latest project is this current site, coded in PHP with some Javascript in a text editor, which took me a few hours to whip together, followed by regular tweaking.
The following graph shows where recent visitors to this site have come from, at least in the United States. Hover over the circles to see the city name.
This data was collected from local server logs, and processed using a python-based MapReduce algorithm to extract and look up IP address geolocation. The latitude and longitude values are stored in a JSON file, and then the D3 javascript library is used to load and parse the file, and display the values.
Past Projects
Past projects of mine included Javascript-based image galleries (unfortunately recently replaced), but one of my favorite projects was a simple online calendar for the initial UC Davis Center for Visual Sciences Web site (I've preserved the calendar here--see events in months around October 2008). This site was coded in Javascript to draw the calendar object, and loads a local XML calendar file which it parses and displays relevant content when loaded. Events for the calendar were generated using a simple custom Javascript XML serializer, which you can see here.
I intended to make the calendar more robust, and eventually interact with common formats like .ics, but work moved in different directions.
Data Visualization
I enjoy data visualization, and to that end have recently been looking at the D3 javascript library. The following bar chart is a quick look at some D3 transitions. Click the "Update" button to load the listed values above it. You can then add, remove, or otherwise change the values in the entry field (ensure they are comma-separated numbers), and click "update" to see the effect of some D3 transitions:
D3 Bar Graph

Technical Writing
Finally, with my technical writings, I work to keep content and especially figures simple and straightforward, such as this MacIssues article on managing interference for Wi-Fi connections.
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