Databasing and IT
I love seeing more in data than is apparent on the surface. To this end I found interest in the different types of data generated in the laboratory in which I work, where on a daily bases there are experimental records, sample records, breeding records, personnel records, chemical records, and more, all being created.
With these different data, there was the need to find any and all information related to the experiments performed, which spurred me to develop a full lab management relational database using FileMaker Pro (mainly for its quick setup and user-friendly offerings out of the box). After setting up FileMaker Pro Server, I created the initial database in about a week.
The core approach to this database is relating all tables by the experimental subjects' unique identification numbers, which not only allows finding relevant records, but also creating full pathways through genealogical trees to determine the lineage of subjects used. In this way, one could follow any trends in data, determine if there are global differences applied to a lineage, subject source, sex, or any other trait that can be catalogued.
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I implement full computing and networking infrastructures to meet data management needs. This includes building and configuring desktop workstations, setting up networks and supporting services like Open Directory domains, VPN services, RAID arrays and backup scripts. I also set up and configure Web services, and have built and configured a number of Web sites, including the first Center for Visual Sciences Web site, those for the Burns and Pugh labs at UC Davis, and professional blogs like