There are always more practical and efficient ways of tackling problems, and I thoroughly enjoy discovering them. I am planning on pursuing a Masters in Data Science, and am currently studying the following areas:
  • Mathematics, where I have been diligently refreshing calculus skills and improving my understanding of statistics.
  • Programming, including Python, PHP, Javascript, and SQL. In essence, I'm interested in using these for data wrangling to parse and organize data sets.
  • Databases, including tabular and document-based solutions, distributed repositories like Figshare, and Fedora with its associated Hydra project.
  • Cluster-based and horizontally-expanding solutions for giving access to data and processing it (such as Hadoop and MapReduce algorithms) are my latest fascination.
I am the proud owner of three crazy dogs, and one cat (unwilling to be photographed). Behold the wrecking crew...
Park and Cinder
Franklin, Linus, and Zephyr
(current crew)
A challenge is taking raw ingredients, and forming something that is sometimes even remotely edible. This was the best burger I ever ate:
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