Lab and Prototype Design
I helped design the new laboratory that has been used since 2010. This required understanding of the functional layout of each experimental room and how it would best match experimental needs, lab bench logistics and requirements, and the electrical requirements for equipment.
In addition, this required the management of facility features, such as the centralization of specialty gasses for experimental purposes, implementation of specialty lighting, and signal indicators for dark room usage.
Beyond the creation and help in overseeing the laboratory infrastructure, moving a laboratory also requires immense planning and care. This includes ensuring delicate instrumentation is properly packaged for transport, critical samples are kept frozen and catalogued, and records are maintained.
In addition to providing feedback on full plans, I used CAD drawings to communicate concepts directly to architects, such as the following to outline a combined sink and counter idea.
This entire laboratory rebuild came after having also worked on several additional facilities builds. These included drawing plans for two additional laboratory rooms to house specialized equipment, and designing a new facility for the Center for Neuroscience, which involved managing the requirements for numerous different faculty and staffing needs. This last project ultimately was not funded.
Beyond facilities designs, I built a number of custom devices that were not available commercially, in order to accomplish necessary tasks. These include a custom tissue chopping apparatus for preparing experiments
I used these approaches for other devices as well, including a hemispherical light calibrator for which I worked with Sunol Prototype to develop plans and build, and custom recording apparatuses that I hand-fabricated.